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Skilled Atlanta Attorneys Handling NFL Disability Claims for Former Players

Accessible Atlanta attorney helping permanently disabled football players get the help they need

John V. Hogan is one of the nation’s most respected advocates for retired NFL players. He has been a tireless advocate for improvements in the benefits received by retired NFL players and their families. He first gained national recognition in 2007 when he authored the White Paper Illegal Procedure: NFL Disability Claims; a revised version of which was published in The Unbroken Line by Dallas Cowboy’s star Billy Joe DuPree and Spencer Kopf. (2010) He was the principal author of the Plaintiff’s disability proposals submitted to the U.S. District Court in Eller v. NFLPA et al. (2011) His paper Concussions, Brain Injury and NFL Disability was published in the Santa Clara University Law School Sports Law Symposium. (2011)

What you need to know about NFL disability

The lawyers in Atlanta at the Law Offices of John V. Hogan handle the complexities of NFL retirement and disability plans. Retired players may be entitled to:

  • Line of Duty (LoD) disability benefits
  • Total and Permanent (T&P) disability benefits


  • Social Security disability (SSDI)
  • Benefits from the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Retirement Plan

The disabilities suffered by retired football players are numerous and varied. The links between traumatic brain injury and depression, memory loss and suicidal feelings are finally coming out into the open. Many retired players end up with crippling physical disabilities caused by repeated neck and spine surgeries. This leaves them in permanent pain and sometimes with severely limited mobility. So we dedicate ourselves to helping the players and their families who can no longer help themselves.

What we’re doing to make a difference

Atlanta lawyer John V. Hogan is making a change that benefits retired NFL players all over the country.

John serves on the Board of Directors of the retired players advocacy group Fourth and Goal Unites (fourthandgoalunites.org). He is a frequent commenter on Dave Pear’s Blog (www.davepear.com) and has been featured and quoted in numerous articles regarding retired NFL players’ disability issues.

Since 2007, the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan has accepted a favorable Social Security disability determination as proof that a retired player is totally and permanently disabled and qualified for disability benefits under the Plan. John’s 30 years of extensive Social Security disability experience has been of great benefit to many retired players throughout the country in helping them qualify for both Social Security and NFL disability benefits.

Speak with an Atlanta lawyer who knows how to help disabled NFL players

Football players are especially at risk of mental and physical disabilities. You should be represented by someone who understands both the laws regarding disability and your special circumstances. If you are a vested, retired NFL player, schedule a free consultation with the Law Offices of John V. Hogan by phone at 678-546-1010 or online.


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